How can jobs-to-be-done and behavioral strategies set the stage for design?

Current patient payment approaches fell short of UX and business standards - resulting in an online payment rate of less than 10% (while near 75% of people in the USA regularly pay their other household bills online).

In this project, we took a step back to organize and prioritize patient payment work through use of the Jobs-to-be-done methodology and a few key behavioral strategies.


  • Foundational research to uncover unmet patient needs using Jobs-to-be-done

  • Workshop and collaboration to integrate behavioral principles into design

  • Design quality review (heuristic evaluation) to refine design and ensure consistency

  • Beta release, instrumented for experimentation (in-progress)


Lead design researcher and research project management


  • Design quality increased significantly which further showcased the value using JTBD and behavioral strategies to set the stage for design work

  • This research produced several behavioral tools that will be used continually for reference in the design process.

  • As a result of research, the product team prioritized bill clarity and patient understanding in the payment process, where it previously was deprioritized