How can we enhance design research know-how in R&D?

DesignOps is tasked with improving research know-how across R&D to increase product quality through improved user insights and research efficiency. DesignOps has produced a series of tools and services over the past year and proved the value of using standardized tools to answer research questions. However, further opportunities were identified.

  • THEORY: Users often lack a mental model of both design research as a discipline and DesignOps making it difficult for users (product and design) to quickly grasp how and where to start their research activities.  

  • PRACTICE: Consumers of DesignOps don’t always use tools or methods as intended, or misinterpret/can’t act on results leading to ineffective research that has the potential to diminish the quality of design and product work.


  • Foundational and discovery research approaches, including desk research on the topic of physical learning environments, to inspire physical artifacts and interactions that will enhance user understanding of design research as a discipline and a process.

  • Concept and resonance testing on early artifacts as well as a new research office hours interaction protocol, with continuous iteration

  • Design quality reviews (heuristic evaluation) to refine design and ensure consistency on our digital tools

  • Team-wide workshop to gather more feedback, identify gaps in our approach and socialize our preliminary research education ideas


Lead design researcher and research project management


This project is currently in-progress.

  • Participation in this project has created alignment across DesignOps on how we hope to market ourselves and communicate best practice processes