How can new Field and office technology increase crop yield and work efficiency?

A precision agriculture company sought to move from paper and DOS to create a cross-platform experience for their employees and customers that would improve work efficiency and increase integrity of company data for greater yields.

This was a seminal project for the company and an ethnographic approach was taken to kick off the process of learning and understanding for all team members.


We followed an ethnographic research approach where industry and company-specific agricultural practices were studied primarily through desktop research, shadowing, and semi-structured interviews, and a survey. 

Results, insights, and recommendations were delivered in a formal presentation and report; alongside collaborative workshops and ideation sessions.


Lead design researcher


  • Trust was created between among the project team - an ethnographic approach spoke to the friendly and relationship-driven agronomist culture.

  • Understanding of user-centered design and agriculture improved - Shadowing and interviews created educational opportunities for all those involved.

  • Knowledge was base-lined through a full report and presentation detailing observations, insights, and recommendations for project work - a source of truth that all team members could reference.

  • Team alignment improved with the creation of a project framework derived from research findings that placed the the grower-agronomist relationship as central to company success.

  • The vast data store created a continued source of knowledge - as new questions arose, the data was viewed from new perspectives to inform decision-making.