How can UX support Product decisions using experience-driven metrics?

The Design Operations group is tasked with creating an experience framework to guide and measure user experience activities within each of the product phases. The team decided upon a Google sprint activity to come together as a team to define what success would look like. During this sprint, our team focused on the creation of the dashboard that would house all the experience data and metrics to be used to make product decisions.


Google Venture's Sprint is a five day workshop with a highly prescriptive process and set of roles. It is a focused, and accelerated way of working and proves valuable in a variety of project circumstances and across topics.




  • The team's thought process was accelerated, through dedicated days of thinking and working - as this was an internal project, it could have easily been relegated to side of desk, but Sprint built up the momentum needed to complete the UX dashboard.

  • New members of the team were able to experience working fully with the rest of the team, building rapport and overall collaboration.

  • The team created a dashboard prototype that allowed them to gather feedback from the users who would most benefit from their work.