A portion of the Consumer Health map

A portion of the Consumer Health map

What should the consumer health space prioritize?

Jobs-to-be done helps teams identify and quantify under-served user needs for the jobs-to-be-done that users are trying to carry out. This research activity was a particularly good fit for a newly formed consumer health zone that needed to prioritize it’s work.


The Jobs-to-be-done methodology is as follows:

  • Core job definition

  • Desk research

  • Subject matter expert interviews

  • User interviews

  • Synthesis

  • Job map creation

  • Survey creation

  • Analysis

  • Synthesis

  • Presentation of results

  • Workshop to frame and break down next steps


Lead design researcher and research project management


  • An index of patient jobs was created, which can used for various future activities - providing a shared and clear taxonomy

  • Key areas of opportunity were identified which provided the team with a way to prioritize and data to triangulate with other strategic resources

  • The list of prioritized areas of opportunity to focus product work for development led to the creation of road-maps and zone strategy