How can a WORKLIST help users to organize and prioritize their daily work?

Enrollment is connecting healthcare organizations to payer or other third party organizations so they are able to get paid. Previously, enrollment work had been housed in large table that provided no insight into the nature of the enrollment tasks with little to no decision-making support resulting in a data-entry focused workflow. The new design provided more visibility into system status with overall increased flexibility and efficiency of use through more defaults, decision guidance, and overall improved aesthetic.


Usability testing on a high-fidelity prototype was used to iterate prior to implementation.


UX Researcher


  • The resulting design created a single worklist that could be easily filtered for improved categorical framing, so users could focus on and prioritize their work better.

  • Copy was refined to better match the mental mode of users who work in the enrollment space.

  • By providing number of tasks per high-level category, users were better able to delegate work work and evaluate time needed to complete their tasks.

  • Overall improvements through aesthetic and minimalist design increase readability of the page and allowed user to more easily find their work.