How does value-based care impact our work in the care management space?

This project sought to understand how healthcare organizations are currently taking on care management and where market opportunities may be available to better support organizations in providing quality care, driving patient outcomes, and getting paid.

Better understanding of this space in parallel to design resonance testing and gathering of user feedback allowed us to build stronger design concepts and build a more cohesive vision.


Desk research from secondary sources ranging from previous internal research, marketing reports and various industry sources. Many findings were also triangulated with internal data on various care management and value-based programs. All findings were presented in a presentation to the Consumer Health zone.


Designer researcher (50% time) supporting design strategist


  • Team members were educated on the care coordination landscape and details of value-based care along with other reimbursement models

  • Digging for research sources led to new connections and conversations across the company that provided great support in developing the care management vision

  • Research was used to prioritize upcoming work and inform the care coordination road map