Design research process

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Doing design REsearch

There are any number of ways to approach and organize research depending on the project context and the extent to which concepting and design is involved. However, for the majority of my projects, I follow this basic research workflow. It helps me to check-in, stay organized, and ensure I am aligned with my team.


User experience should play a role in designing ethical products in the tech industry, which is why ethical considerations are central to my design research work.

How do check in with myself about the work I am doing?

  • Am I being transparent and reflexive?

  • Are we checking our biases?

  • Are people being understood and represented as diverse and intersectional?

  • Is the story being told from the right person or community’s perspective?

  • How are we planning to triangulate?

  • Who is benefiting? Profiting? Impacted by this work?

  • Have the social, political, and environmental factors been considered?

Anthropology taught me that ethics is central to the process and outcomes of research. UX must support the technology and business world in understanding that measures of success include social, environmental, and other contextual factors.