How can we support experience design in spending more time on what matters?

Recruiting participants for studies can be a time consuming and expensive process that is made more complicated in the world of healthcare EHRs due to client relationships and other legal hurdles.

The goal of this project was to build a company sponsored participant panel that reduced recruiting hurdles for our design team, allowing them to spend time on design and not administrative recruiting work.


We worked in two weeks sprints, starting with a discovery phase to create a vision and road-map for the participant panel. This allowed us to gain buy-in before moving into deign and experimentation of the recruiting processes and Salesforce tool that would house all participants.

The image to the left shows a lightweight journey map we create to show the current process and pain points. Data for this journey map came from several Rose, Thorn, Bud workshops with the product organization.


Lead UX researcher and project manager


  • The recruiting process was operationalized allowing us to build templates and process documents for current and new employees, where previously recruiting had been learn-as-you-go

  • For those able to use the participant panel, time required to set up a study was decreased from three hours to one.

  • The resulting MVP for the participant panel led to the hiring of three research coordinators who now lead this project