How are unmet client expectations impacting their onboarding experience?

This research explored hypotheses around ideas to improve the onboarding experience for our users. Confusion around the onboarding process itself, training approaches, and poor system usability led to major differences in expectations for many clients, causing loss of trust and resistance to adoption.


To validate and better understand client expectations around onboarding, I was enrolled to conduct ethnographic research, amassing a vast amount of text-based data which was primary analyzed through a grounded theory approach.

Ethnographic methods included: Semi-structured interviews, observation, surveys, and desktop research.


Lead UX researcher


  • The text analysis of all notes, transcripts, and other text-based data using Grounded Theory allowed the quantification of qualitative data proving more persuasive to the onboarding team audience.

  • Findings and insights from this research, when triangulated with previous research, validated hypotheses and confirmed next steps to improve the onboarding experience.

  • The findings from this research were paired with Switch (Health, 2010) and successfully inspired a larger change management discussion.

  • The text analysis in this research provided an opportunity to teach the larger UX team about the Grounded Theory approach for more rigor and organization in qualitative data analysis.