How can we better understand our users and the organizations in which they work?

The creation of these user and organization profiles was part of a broader initiative to understand and map the characteristics and goals of our highest performing revenue cycle clients. A set of user and organization profiles was created to complement a presentation and greater set of deliverables aimed to communicate our findings after our first round of site visits.


  • 10 site visits were organized with research goals mapped to each visit based on our current phase of development

  • Each site visit was comprised of several workplace observation sessions with billing staff users as well as meetings with key stakeholders to gather feedback on early-stage design work

  • Affinity mapping sessions were organized following each site visit along with meeting to develop design next steps which helped to prioritize research activities in following site visits


  • The user and organization profiles continue to serve as a reference to center people on our core revenue cycle users (as they are project-agnostic)

  • The process of creating these profiles (and other deliverables) served to move design work forward as such artifacts helped to synthesize and organize data in a way designers better understood and could act on